Data analytics

Our service portfolio on Data Analytics helps companies define the needs to deliver reporting on performance linked to KPI’s and provide the means to act on those analysis.  The levels of reporting maturity grow from diagnostic to predictive to prescriptive.

In today’s business world data are available from all sorts of sources and in large volumes. Many organizations still struggle to reap the benefits of the level of what is often defined as diagnostics: Business Intelligence with visual dashboards KPI’s with alerts; trends and plan versus target. Also dimensional cost and profitability drill down  analysis is part of this phase. We can help with our experience and using modern technology like BOARD to arrive at a good understanding of the information needs and realize the value for the organization.

The next levels to strive for then is predictive analysis: using historical data and driver analysis with advanced analytical modeling to get understanding of potential outcomes. The solutions from BOARD do include a module for advanced analytics. We can help determine whether and how this will help businesses arrive at the level of analytics needed.

The next level: prescriptive analytics involve models to incorporate predictive analytics to optimize decisions. PlanPulse can help designing the roadmap of the analytics journey and move to the phases organizations benefit the most from.