Integrated Business Planning

PlanPulse can provide you with Integrated Business Planning services.

This approach aligns strategic planning, operational planning (including supply chain, sales, marketing and product development) and financial planning into a unified planning operating model to make proactive business tradeoffs while improving decision making.

The result will be one set of finance and operational numbers that align in a single integrated process.

We have broad experience in working with the technology solution from BOARD in order to realize the benefits of Integrated Business Planning

BOARD offers a modern Integrated Business Planning platform that enables the integration of strategic, financial and operational planning, enabling full control of performances across the organization.

Unlike spreadsheets, BOARD’s multidimensional planning environment is based on a single shared data repository and offers data validation, workflow, enterprise-class security, audit trail and versioning capabilities.

This enhances the controllability and efficiency of the entire planning process – making it fully reliable in terms of results and significantly less onerous in terms of time and resources.

BOARD in-memory technology HBMP delivers outstanding performance in aggregating, spreading and running calculations on large data sets with complex business models and thousands of users. All changes to data are automatically spread across dimensions and hierarchies, providing an instantaneous picture of the overall impact of any single variation. Since they are based on the same unified metadata layer, all the applications, reports and analyses are updated in real time, maintaining a single version of the truth across the whole BOARD environment.