Many years of experience in Finance and Board including:

Strategic Scenario Modeling

Reporting & Analytics


fast close consolidation

Fast Close Consolidation

Close your books faster and smarter by improving processes, creating checks, build workflows and automate where possible.

integrated planning

Integrated Planning

Plan with all relevant departments together to create Integrated Business planning (IBP) and/or Extended Planning & Analysis (XP&A).

disclosure management

Disclosure Management

Support the Last Mile of reporting with narratives, workflow and (i)XBRL including ESG and the help of Word, Excel and Powerpoint

planning & strategy

Management & Strategy

Every solution starts with a solid analysis. PlanPulse identifies challenges and defines the roads to reach your objectives.

enterprise performance management

Enterprise Performance Management

Within our team of experts, we have a group of Performance Management specialists. They focus on the latest innovations in the EPM landscape, with board as a priority.

Actionable insights

Actionable Insights

We combine in-depth knowledge and technical implementation skills to untangle your data and facilitate decision making.

Continued Care

Continued Care

Where others stop, PlanPulse takes it to the next level. We guide you along the way, even after implementation.


Industry, Chemicals & Gas


Professional Services

Trading (Commodity)


Media & Marketing



What PlanPulse can do for you

Design and Implement

EPM is business led and technology enabled; PlanPulse helps you to design and implement EPM processes and systems. It is a transformation process where knowledge transfer and change management are key. PlanPulse takes these aspects into the project approach ensuring your EPM implementation to be sustainable and evolving.

Integrated Business Planning

This approach aligns strategic planning, operational planning and financial planning into a unified planning operating model to make proactive business tradeoffs while improving decision making. The result will be one set of finance and operational numbers that align in a single integrated process.

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